Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Fundraising for Wellington - Excellence Can Do #19

Fundraising for Wellington - On Monday I couldn't do Librarian because I had been choosen to go and walk around the Halswell shops and the Riccarton mall. My mum had offered to drive Sam W, Monique, Alicia and I so we could have a supervisor. We left school at 12:40 so that we would arrive back by 3:00. Firstly we went to te Halswell shops. We walked around in pairs as this way we would cover more ground. I went with Alicia and we went to a hairdressing salon near New World which gave us a voucher for a free cut and blow dry. After this we went into New World and asked them, we weren't so successful here as the owner of the store wasn't there today, but we did get an email address which we could contact later. After this we went down to the butcher. We didn't get anything here but did leave a notice for the owner once he came back. Once we had finished asking around Halswell we went to Riccarton mall. Whilst we were here Sam W and Monique managed to get some spot prizes from Noel Leemings. Alicia and I also got successful when we went to jb-hi-fi as we got a gift voucher from them as well. After this we went back to school and arrived just on time for the 3:00 bell. I think that I showed the value of Excellence as I kept going even though some shops turned us down.

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