Friday, 5 August 2016

Kapa Haka - Excellence Can Do #15

Kapa Haka - Today the year 4 - 8 students had kapa haka. On the way out of class the year 7/8 girls had to grab their long poi. After I had grabbed my poi I started walking over to the hall with the other year 7/8 students. Once I got to the hall foyer I took my shoes off and raced into the hall as they had already started.  Once I sat down in my line ready for Hareruia Mrs Baker and Mr Brown talked to us about how much time we had left and that we weren't doing as well as we could be. Once he had had this talk to us we all started to lift our volume and make sure we were doing really well. We sung really well during Hareruia but when we went into Tahurihuri it got worse as we were too focused on our actions (my actions were poi) and not focused on singing loud enough. We went through this song twice before Matua, Mr Brown and Mrs Baker were happy with our performance. After this we went into Tai Tapu (our school song). We were doing really well in this song as we all practice this everyday for our whanau hui. We did this song twice as Matua thought that we were off pitch the first time we went through it. Once we had done this Mrs Baker asked us to sit down in regards to our permission slips for the Cultural festival. I got to leave as my name got called out as I was one of the people that had already returned their permission slip. I think that I showed the care value of trying your best because once the teachers had asked us to lift our volume I did and I keep lifting it throughout the whole song.

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