Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Librarian - Excellence Can Do #14

Librarian - On Monday Sam W, Monique, Samara and I were scheduled to do librarian. But at the start of the day we heard a notice which told us that the library wasn't open at lunch as there was training for all the librarians at lunch. So at lunchtime all four of us walked down to the library so we could find out what was happening. It turned out that Mrs Ward (the librarian) had wanted all of the librarians in the library so that we could learn about a new website she had set up for the whole school. Mrs Pattern was also there as she had set up the whole website for Mrs Ward. All four of us sat down with the other librarians. Once we were seated Mrs Ward called Ariel so that she knew who was there and who wasn't. After this they talked a lot about how to use the website and we also watched a video on how to use the website. Once they had explained this they told us that we would be going around the whole school and showing them how to use the website as well as it is quite complicated. My goal for next time is to not fiddle through the talking and just sit and listen. I also still need to go and ask Mrs Ward for my barcode number as this is how I get into my account. The care value that I showed this week was showing respect to others as I tried my best to sit and listen through the whole presentation and I also contributed to the discussions we had.

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