Friday, 19 August 2016

Kapa Haka - Excellence Can Do #18

Kapa Haka - Today (Friday) the year 4 - 8 students had kapa haka. Kapa haka started early today as Mrs Baker and Mr Brown wanted us to practice for the cultural festival. Once the year 7/8 students had been released from class I grabbed my poi on the way out and started walking over to the hall foyer. Once I got to the hall foyer I took my shoes off and sat them down on a seat. After this I walked into the hall and saw that we were sitting in our lines for hareruia (this is unusual as we usually sit in our Tai Tapu lines at the start of kapa haka). Once I sat down matua said that we should start singing he honore so we could warm up. I haven't sung this song for ages but it all came back to me as we started to sing it. Once we had done this Mr Brown and Mrs Baker came in and we started going through our whole cultural festival routine. After this Mr Brown had a huge talk to us about being respectful and loud during our performance as we are only two weeks away from performing at cultural festival. Once he had said this we had some visitors (Mrs Martin and Mrs Hall). They watched our whole performance from the start and said that it was great! Once they had left the teachers said that we were going to start issuing our uniforms for cultural festival. I think that I showed the care value of excellence as I never gave up the whole time throughout our performance to Mrs Martin and Mrs Hall.

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