Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Librarian - Excellence Can Do #16

Librarian - On Monday Sam W, Monique, Samara and I were rostered on to do librarian. Once the bell for lunch rang we all walked outside and then started running as it was raining. Once we got to the library we decided to choose a book and then wait for the rain to stop. The rain eventually stopped but I took a while so we only had time for two books. We walked down to the junior area. Once we were all there Samara and I started walking around and asking the juniors if they wanted to come and listen to a book. A lot of juniors did as they had nothing to do because it was raining. Sam W had already started her book by the time we got back. We all sat down and listened to her read. After she had read her book it was my turn some juniors tried to sit on my lap whilst I was reading but we got them off and then I started reading. Once I had finished reading we left. As we started walking back to the library the juniors started to follow us. We asked them to leave but they didn't so we said they could walk back to the library with us and then they had to go back to the junior area. Once we had put our books away the bell rang so the juniors went back to class anyways. The care value that I showed this week was showing respect to others as I had to let the little kids down gently when they kept trying to follow us back to class.

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