Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Kapa Haka - Excellence Can Do #13

Kapa Haka - On Friday the year 4 - 8 students had kapa haka. As soon as the teachers let the year 7/8 students out of class I headed over to the hall foyer. Once I got there I realised that I ahd forgotten my long pois. I ran back to class and grabbed them out of my bag after that I ran to the hall foyer and took my shoes off. I arrived in my line late because of this but it didn't matter too much as they hadn't started yet. Once I was sitting down in my line matua Rhihari started us off with Pa Mai. Whilst we were half way through this song Mr Brown and Mrs Baker came in and started listening to us. After this Mr Brown took over and said that the non performance kapa haka could leave. Once they had left  Mr Brown told us to start on our performance routine. Our first song in our performance routine is Hareruia. This is my favourite song as I really like the lyrics to it. After Hareruia our next song is Tahurihuri. In this song the year 8's get to do long poi and the other girls get to do short poi. Once we finished this we went into our last song which is Tai Tapu (our school song). In this song everyone has actions that they are meant to do and at the end of this song we split off and do the haka. Once we had been through this routine twice Mr Brown and Mrs Baker stopped us as they didn't think that we were doing a very good job and said that we had to lift our volume. After they had said this we all started to lift our volume and they said it sounded great! I think that I showed the care value of trying your best because once the teachers had asked us to lift our volume I did and I keep lifting it throughout the whole song.

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