Friday, 24 June 2016

Kapa Haka - Excellence Can Do #9

Kapa Haka - Today the year 4 - 8 students had Kapa Haka. The teachers let the year 7/8's out of class as soon as we had finished fitness. As I left I went to my bag so I could grab my long poi. Once I got to the hall I took my shoes off and went inside. Once I got inside I went and sat down next to Sam W and Kyla as this is where I sit. Once Mr Brown arrived we started to sing He Honore. It has been awhile since I sung this song so I nearly got the words wrong. Once we got half way through this we got the words wrong do we had to start again. Once we had been through this song without getting the words wrong we started to sing pai mai. For this song we had to do the actions, this was hard for me as I only have one arm and I could only use one arm to do the actions. Once we went through pai mai a few times we went onto practicing our performance routine for cultural festival. Our first song is Hariruia I like doing this song because we get to all come in at different times. I think that I showed the care value of trying your best because I kept going through the long poi even though I mucked it up a few times.

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