Sunday, 12 June 2016

Technology - Excellence Must Do #3

Technology - On Tuesday the year 7/8's had technology. When the first bus had arrived in the school car park Mr Muller decided that the bus 2 line could hop on the bus first. My bus line (Bus 1) ended up writing for ages for the bus so Mr Muller said that we should go back into the hall foyer. After we were waiting in the hall foyer for about ten minutes the bus had arrived. On the way there I sat next to Samara. I sat next to the window as Samara had to take pictures of everyone in the bus because she was making a slide on how people could show the care values on the bus. On the way there the noise level was good as everyone was showing the care values so that Samara and Monique would take a picture of them. On the way back I sat next to Samara again this time I sat next to the aisle as Samara had finished taking pictures for her presentation. On Tuesday I showed the care value of filling seats sensibly as I made sure that there was enough space for only two people to a seat. 

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