Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Technology - Excellence Must Do #4

Technology - On Tuesday the year 7/8 students had technology. The bus 2 line got to hop on the bus before my line (bus 1) did. The line I was in got to hop onto the second bus that came this wasn't much behind the first bus thankfully as it was cold and I didn't want to wait to long for the bus. I was at the front of the bus 1 line so I got to hop into the bus first! I chose a seat near the back as this seat has a heater underneath it and I was cold. I sat next to the window and Samara, who I was sitting with, sat next to the aisle. On the way there the noise level was good at the start and then it started creeping up as we got nearer to Lincoln. Once we were at Lincoln the bus driver told us that he was really close to pulling over and that we would have to step up our game for the bus ride back. I think that I showed the value of displaying all care values to the public as I made sure I was being polite to everyone around me. 

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