Thursday, 2 June 2016

Librarian - Excellence Can Do #3

Librarian - At librarian on Monday Sam, Samara, Monique and I we were on. As the bell rang for lunchtime we walked over to the library to choose our books. I went over to sign us in as Monique and Samara went to grab the beanbags and Sam W went to get the books. Once I had signed us in I went over to Sam W and asked if she had found the books yet. She said that she didn't know where the barbie books were. We went and asked Mrs Griffins if she knew where the barbie books were she said that they only had a few at the moment so we went over and grabbed the last two barbie books. After that we walked down to the music room deck and found Monique and Samara waiting for us, they had already got some little kids to come and listen to our books so we started reading straight away. Once we had finished the barbie books we packed and told the little kids that they had to go and play on the playground or something they left after that and we went back to the library. On Monday I think that I showed the value of respecting others right to learn because as Sam W was reading I was quietly listening and not talking to the people around me.

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