Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Librarian - Excellence Can Do #6

Librarian - On Monday Sam W, Monique, Samara and I were rosters in to do librarian. As the bell rang for the start of lunch I went to quickly get a newsletter before we started and Sam W, Monique and Samara all went to the library to choose some books. Once I had got my newsletter I went to put it in my bag and then I went over to the music room deck. Once I got there Samara gave me a Barbie book that I was going to read to the juniors. Sam W was still reading her book so I waited until she had finished. Once she had finished her Barbie book I started to read mine. Once I finished my book we asked the juniors if they could go and play with their own friends and then we packed up and returned our books to the library. I think that I showed the care value of being a positive role model because even though I arrived late I came and sat down quietly so that I didn't disrupt any of the juniors. 

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