Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Technology - Excellence Must Do #5

Technology - Today the year 7/8's had technology. As soon as I got to school the teachers opened the door to the classroom so I got to go in straight away. The teachers asked the bus 2 line to go and line up first as they were the best bus last week. Afterwards they asked our bus (bus 1) to line up. As our line was hopping onto the bus we all had to say sorry to our bus driver as we had been too loud the week before. Once I had said sorry to the bus driver I walked down to the back of the bus and sat with Samara. I sat next to the window and she sat next to the aisle. Ok the way back I sat with Samara again and this time I sat next to aisle and she sat next to the window. On the way back the noise level was good as people were only talking to the person besides them. I think that I showed the value of displaying all care values to the public as I made sure I was being polite to everyone around me.

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